Jewelry + accessories from Greece, with love.

Founder Demi Tzamaras in Greece, wearing the Pink Shell Pearl Necklace.

Welcome to Aegean Essence

Welcome to Aegean Essence, where we make it feel like Greek summer, all year long.

Founded in 2023 by Demi Tzamaras, Aegean Essence offers a curated collection of jewelry and accessories made in Greece and filled with special meaning. The jewelry you wear should feel personal, which is why each piece we carry is individually-selected from talented Greek designers and artisans, and ethically crafted in small quantities in Greece. Our goal is to supply you with Grecian style, straight from the source.

Our selection of fashion-forward yet wearable accessories captures the Mediterranean spirit with meaningful designs meant to become your modern-day heirlooms.

At Aegean Essence, we believe that Greek summer is a state of mind, and that your jewelry can transport you there (no plane ticket required).

Thank you for being here!